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My assignment to Germany

I reported to Lindsey Air Station, Wiesbaden, Germany, in October 1968. I moved into the barracks until I could get my family who were staying with my parents in Payne Gap.

The barracks were the same barracks that the notorious German SS Troops lived in during World War II. I was the ranking master sergeant and they made me barracks chief, much to my dislike.

The building we worked in was the largest building I had ever worked in except the Pentagon. We were the headquarters for all of Europe, and I was in charge of all offset printing in Europe. General Haig was our boss, the same Haig that later worked in the White House.

Lindsey Air Station was right in the middle of the city of Wiesbaden with no airplanes or an airstrip. Wiesbaden Air Base was five miles away.

I found a place to live for my family and sent for them. It was an old farmhouse 25 miles from my work in a little town called Bremthaus.

When my headquarters found out that I was the only military person in Europe who had mechanical skills on printing equipment, I knew I was in big trouble. I started getting phone calls at home and work to pack my bags and tool kit and hop a flight to the base that needed their equipment repaired. I’ve been called to eight air bases in England, all over Germany, Holland, Turkey and Italy. These trips wore this old boy out.

I was so glad when my three years there were over and I returned stateside.

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