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My boss and best friend

My boss was a Major General and my best friend, and the Commander of the 22 Air Force at Travis Air Force Base and served many years stateside and overseas.

At Travis Air Force Base I was in charge of the base’s printing department for many years. We had a horseshoe pitching set-up behind the print shop and would play there at lunchtime. I never lost many games while pitching there. I was the base champ for over three years.

I let my pal the General win a few games. When he returned to his office, his secretary would call me and say, “Van, I see you let the old boy win today’s game.”

A few years later, we were not at the same base. He and a friend were killed in a plane wreck. His wife asked me to have a parade for him. I did as she wanted.

That was the first time I cried in years.

(Contributing writer Ev erett Vanover lives in California.)

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