Whitesburg KY

My classic 1956 Chevy

When I reenlisted at Lackland Field, Texas in November, 1956, I went downtown and bought myself a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air two-door hard top.

It was my second car and I did not drive it much. It turned heads every place I drove it.

About a year later, Hawaii asked me to come to their base and do some work for them. I could bring one car with me. You know I would take my ’56 Chevy.

My family was back in Texas for the 45 days I would be at Hickam Field in Hawaii.

The owner of the Chevy dealership there came to check out my Chevy. I had been driving it on and off base. For some reason, Chevy had not sent him his orders of Chevys yet, plus they would have to come by boat.

He wanted to buy my ’56 Chevy and offered me a lot of money. I would drive by his shop in town, toot my horn at him, and wave. He was going nuts.

In a couple of days he came by with a blank check to buy the car. He wrote it for three times what I paid for it.

When I got back to Texas, I went down to the Chevy place and bought me a ’57 Chevy two-door hardtop. It turned out to be the best Chevy they made. I drove Chevys all of my life.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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