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My daughter is getting her garden ready


Hello to all my family, friends and Mountain Eagle family and friends. Hope all is well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’ve been in Florida since November, and just enjoying the nice warm weather down there.

Two weeks ago my daughter Beverly came to Florida and brought me home with her in Virginia. She is taking very good care of me, spoiling me very much!

Her husband Brian has been doing all the running to the store for us. He is helping Beverly do the yard work.

She is getting her garden ready to plant tomato plants, squash, pepper and cucumbers. We are staying home and taking care of ourselves, hoping the COVID 19 virus will end soon.

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy Easter. We didn’t get to go to church, but watched lots of Bible movies on TV and lots of ministers on TV.

I got to watch my pastor, Webb Parson, on Facebook coming from Canton, Ohio. Everyone must pray that God will keep us safe and protect us from all the sickness and diseases.

I talk to my sons, Bobby and Jimmy, three times a week, and text them the other four days. I talk to my brother, Doug, often, and my sisters, Norma Jean and Shirley, every day.

Norma is still in Florida, and Shirley is in Canton. I text lots of family. My granddaughter, Kristan, is in Orlando, Fla. She works at Disney World. She’s out of work right now. Disney World shut down because of the virus.

My youngest granddaughter lives in South Carolina with her husband, Austin Weber. She is doing okay. She is my son, Jimmy’s, youngest daughter.

There were bad storms and a tornado in South Carolina recently. Hopefully everyone there is okay.

I just talked to my sister Norma Jean, and she was saying how hot it’s been in Florida, in the high-80s. She will be going to her home in Indiana some time in May.

She lives there in Port Charlotte, Fla., during the winter. She and I are snowbirds. Her son Billy is checking on her and going to get her groceries quite often. He lives in Sarasota, Fla.

I talked to my sister, Shirley, recently, and she is not liking the cold weather in Ohio. I think they had snow a couple of days ago.

I talked to my brother, Doug, last evening, and he and his wife, Von, are doing fairly well. They are missing going to church.

They go to Big Creek Regular Baptist Church, and Chester Hogg. Doug is a Regular Baptist minister. He lives in Greenfield, Ind.

Being shut in is no fun, but they are staying in and taking very good care of themselves. Their children are taking very good care of them also.

My grandson and his family live in North Carolina and we would have loved to be with them on Easter. They are all doing okay. Justin is working and his wife Johna is staying in and taking care of the children. They have two. Justin II is nine years old, and the baby girl, Joella, is two.

Beverly talks to them often on Skype. It is so nice to actually see them on the phone. Technology has come a long way.

Our dad and mom never had a phone until my sisters, Norma J., Christine, Shirley, and I were in our late teens, then the first phone was a party line with six or eight neighbors. That was kind of fun. We got into lots of trouble, listening in.

My mother, Polly Gibson’s, birthday was the 10th of April. She would have been 119 years old. She is celebrating her birthday with Daddy, her three sons, two daughters, grandchildren, and loving family and friends with Jesus this year.

Also on the 10th of April, my sister Reba got married to Henry Dennis 70 years ago; the year was 1949. Henry came from his home in Canton, Ohio, to meet Reba for the first time. They came to know one another through my brother, Chester Gibson, who was in the Army with Henry, and they started writing letters to one another after Chester told him about Reba.

Many folks probably already know the story. I think I wrote about it before. They both have gone on to Heaven and are celebrating their anniversary with her son, daughter, and family members.

Gotta get this out in the mail. It’s been a week of trying to write a little bit a day.

God bless everyone and keep all of you safe. Hope I get to write more next week.

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