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My favorite holiday

I awake early on a cold, bitter, Sunday morning. I rush into my mom and dad’s room to awaken them. I am so excited to see what I got! However, I can’t go into the living room until my little brother awakens.

I lie there in my mom and dad’s big, warm, king-sized bed and think back to the night before. It was Christmas Eve and we spent most of the day at my mamaw and papaw’s house. Mamaw cooked a delicious meal for about 15 family members.

My brother and I could hardly wait for it to get dark so we could open our numerous gifts under the large, beautifully lit Christmas tree.

Finally the time had come! Everyone gathered in the living room. My dad found a soft chair, set up his video camera, and got ready for the fun. Haydon and I played Santa and handed out all of the gifts. We always laugh at my Aunt Joe because she get so excited about her gifts.

Finally after about 20 minutes my little brother comes into the room rubbing his sleepy eyes. “It’s about time you get out of bed! Don’t you know it’s Christmas morning?” I cried. We race down the hall to the beautifully lit Christmas tree. Santa had come and gone because all the cookies and milk had vanished! The room was filled with presents for my brother and me. We play with our toys while Mommy prepares our breakfast.

Later we get dressed and go to church, because Christmas is all about Christ’s birth, and this is Sunday morning. After church we all gather at my greatgrandmother’s house for Christmas with my mamaw’s side of the family. This is a priceless time for me because not many boys have a 92-year-old Mamaw Marie to spend precious time with.

As we drive home later that night, I think to myself, “Jesus’s birth, family, and friends are what this Christmas holiday is all about.” Then one tired little boy closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

Dylan Caudill is a fourthgrade student in Misty Lowe’s language arts class at Cowan Elementary School.

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