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My first air show

During the late ‘40s, the 9th Air Force announced it would put on an air show at Langley Field, Va. The Royal Air Force (RAF) was training on base at that time and would participate in its Vampire jets.

My Air Sea Rescue Service would play a part in the air show. The L-5 aircraft I was crew chief on would fly over part of the base away from the crowd and demonstrate spraying the mosquitoes near the swamps. Our helicopter would hover near our hanger while the crew changed a tire in mid air.

Near the end of the show, an RAF jet crashed during landing. The pilot walked away from the crash. Our rescue team picked up every part of that aircraft, and took it to our hanger on a flatbed truck to be examined by our team of damage control inspectors to find out what caused the crash.

That was the end of that show.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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