Whitesburg KY

My first few years were rough

For the first couple of years in my Army Air Corps career, I worked hard and tried to project a positive attitude. I did what I thought was my best, however I was behind the power curve in comparison to the rest of the Air Corps when it came to promotions.

Months after months I experienced that feeling of defeat and after doubted my ability to excel. With World War II over, there were very few promotions.

When the Korean War started, and with my new printing career field, things got better it seems like overnight. I was promoted twice in the next two years, and my family was with me for the first time.

When I reflect on the successes of my Air Force career and those of my family, the one common thread for this success was the uncompromising love of my wife.

During wartime I had a hard time slowing down. The assumption is often made that my family, specifically my wife, is automatically along for the ride, most times without her consent.

For reasons not always articulated, we assume a consensual agreement to our career moves and great ideas, while our spouses silently assume the role of dual parenting during temporary duties, deployments, long hours and more.

I’m very proud of my family for hanging in there with me for 27 years of military service to my country.

I’ve been told that I did an outstanding job.

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