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My first leave home

After my basic training I was on my first leave home before I would start radio and flight training.

I had just bought my first car. It was old and needed lots of work on it. It was so nice to be home and see my family after being away for my first time. I looked good in my uniform, but the beat-up car was something else.

I still had not been out on a date. I went by Jenkins High School to see some of my friends. Still very shy, I had a hard time talking to the girls. They all wanted to know all I did while I was in the military.

One of the girls that I went to Burdine School with asked me to come by the rec hall for a root beer after school was out. The guys there when I arrived all wanted to know all about the training I was taking. Some of the girls told me how handsome I looked in my uniform.

I had made Sharp Shooter on the firing range, and they all wanted to know what I did to get my medal.

I had to leave the next morning, and a couple of the girls wanted to write me. In my mind, I thought I would have one date.

I found out later that I was the one supposed to ask them out. Oh well, being a teenager was rough on me. It took me some time to get over being shy.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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