Whitesburg KY

My four daughters

I look back on my life after retiring from two jobs and my wife is no longer alive and my kids have left their nest. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

This old Kentucky boy did not do bad for a kid that got his high school GED many years ago from the old Army Air Corps. All folks that I know who were raised on a farm from my part of Kentucky grew up to be good people. I wish my kids had been raised like I was instead of always moving every few years to other states or countries. It’s hard on kids to take them out of school and enroll them in another part of the world.

My oldest daughter, Donna Kay, was delivered by Dr. Perry in Cane Branch while I was at Langley Field, Va. Dr. Perry also delivered me. I went to school with his son. Donna went to a lot of schools stateside and Hawaii. She was in the first graduating class at the new Vanden High School on Travis Air Force Base, Calif., where one of her classmates was Priscilla Presley.

I knew most people on base and got Donna job with the base computer department and she started her first job a couple of days out of school. Her husband Richard was in the Air Force four years and after he got out, went to work for Delta Airlines and his last couple of years before retiring he was their troubleshooter and would go aboard the aircraft when an unruly passenger had to be calmed down or taken off the plane.

After Donna’s work on base, she worked for the computer department for Fairfield schools. She now works for the Rolls Royce computer department of Park City, Utah, as the head person and is ready for retirement. Their oldest son, David, is an engineer for the state of California. Their youngest, Steven, is a pastor and music director for a church in Washington State. I am so proud of them both.

When Donna goes on leave, her office gets in touch with her to ask for advice. Just like the time I was at my parents’ home in Cane Branch with no phone and my office at Travis had the Jenkins Police Department go to the head of Cane Branch with a message for me to call it.

My daughter Patsy Ann just retired from a large Marine base in southern California as the manager of its payroll department.

Daughter Karen Sue lives in Vacaville, Calif., about seven miles from me and helps me a lot. She was a semi truck driver before she got married. Her husband Ken works for the schools.

My youngest, Tammy, and her family live in Lake Tahoe, Calif. Her husband Gary works as a guard for the nightclubs and gambling places. Their oldest son, Kyle, has his own band and plays all over Lake Tahoe. Their youngest son, Zachary, goes to college learning Japanese and will go to work for a large Japanese company when he gets out of school. Their nine-year-old daughter Katelynn, the apple of my eye, is the smartest student in her school. Both boys where homeschooled and are very smart.

I feel so lucky and love them so very much. They look after me like an old setting hen.

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