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My heart and feet took over my thinking

Once again my heart and feet took over my thinking. Thursday morning, even though I was feeling bad, I started putting a few things in my worn-out bag. I had a few things put aside I wanted to take just in case I did go to Blackey Days.

As usual my car needed a bath and vacuumed out and I was moving at a snail’s pace so I was late trying to get started.

I was finally on my way. About 10 miles from home, my daughter called me, and when she had spoken about five words I realized I had left home without money! I had less than $30 with me since I hadn’t stopped at the bank, so I had to turn around come back home.

I wish I could say this was the first time I had done this, as several years I drove all the way to the mountains with about $25 in cash. I had my credit card and my bankcard, but I like to have a little cash in case I want something.

I arrived at Whitesburg Motel around three in the afternoon. Then I drove to Ricky Caudill’s to join Mike, Marcia and Ricky. I could say I supervised as Ricky and Marcia were underpinning the house under the porch, Mike was working on the house.

My heart swelled with pride as I was witnessing what family and love is all about. Ricky, Mike and Marcia worked until almost dark, and the house really looks great.

I wasn’t feeling well so I sat on the porch and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful mountains as the soft sound of Ricky’s voice and Marcia’s beautiful laughter was like background music drifting up through the boards of the porch.

Mike showed me where a couple of buffalo and a cow were grazing way across the mountainside. Mike had a pair of high-powered binoculars that really brought them up close.

Friday afternoon, Ricky and I stopped at the Isom Flea Market. I have thrown away better stuff that is out for sale at places. I did find a stove ketch, and a crack that you shake ashes down.

Southern Ohio

I met a Facebook friend who recognized me. Jolayne, it was nice meeting you.

I have Mother’s old cook stove in the garage so I will take it out there to put on the stove.

Friday evening, we went to Blackey Days. After I dropped Ricky off I went to the motel. I flipped through the channels on the television, and Doris Adams was interviewing people at Blackey Days. I watched every bit, then it started repeating the show. I fell asleep leaving the television on, and when I woke up Doris was still talking.

Saturday morning, I picked Ricky up, and I got to Blackey. I told Doris she had talked to me all night. Since we were running late we missed Lee Sexton and Jack’s opening along with the first few.

Sunrise Ridge will surely be the death of me yet. I sat through all their music and finally I knew I was going to try to dance. I told Ricky I was going to pole dance, and Ricky looked at me sort of strange! So I explained I was going to hold to the pole of the tent.

Doris Adams was kind enough to hold my hands to steady me, but I did let go for a few seconds so we both could move. That was the only time I was dumb enough to do that trick.

I met a beautiful lady named Joann Dixon Frazier, who was married to Jack Frazier. Joann is from Blackey, but has been gone from Blackey for many years.

I met Charlotte Jones whom I actually met several years ago. Charlotte bought Mommy’s old homeplace from my poppy, Ben Adams, on Big Branch. Charlotte now calls Lowell, Ind., home. I met Charlotte’s sister Joanne Trenia from Maryville, Ind. also.

Bruce Gilley made my day even more special as he came to find me. Bruce told me how he enjoyed having Mommy attend his church, and what a special lady my mother was.

I finally met Grant and Diane Caudill from Middletown. Grant called me some time ago about someone. I was vey sick and could hardly talk to him.

Mary Back from Middletown, it was a pleasure seeing you again.

There was a group of people from Lexington and different places in a photography class taking pictures for a Letcher newspaper. It seems that my chair with the canopy top attracted a couple of photographers’ attention.

Saturday evening before the band quit playing, my sister-in-law Wanda Hall came to find me. It was so good to see Wanda. Sunday morning, Wanda came by the motel and then my niece Sue Hall stopped by to see me.

This may be my last trip to the mountains, and I had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful with a tad bit of a shower, and the music was wonderful. Thanks to each and every one who work so hard to put this event on.

Ricky Caudill, thanks for doing everything in your power to see I was comfortable.

Oma Hatton, on Sunday when my family stopped by the motel I became ill, so I didn’t get to stop to see you or do several things I planned on doing. Billy Hatton, it was so nice to meet you.

Darrel Hall, as you know it was a pleasure to see you and your wife again. For all those who want a good man in office, vote for Darrel Hall.

Oh I forgot an important part! Ricky asked me to marry him! That is when I turn 85, so now quit laughing.

Two of my granddaughters, Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham, were in the Beechwood Band competition so Vicki Power and I went to Dixie Heights High School. Beechwood came in third place. The school lost several band members because members graduated last year.

It was really good spending time with Anna, little boss man Kyle, who is in kindergarten, then later Scott joined us.

I forgot to mention something about Letcher County Picnic. Becky and Polly Hasty found a Coke with rose on it and brought it to me, along with a most beautiful dark teal crocheted scarf with sparkles on it. Becky said she had noticed I wear this color, which I dearly love. Thank you, Becky and Polly.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days back in their home in the mountains. I love to tease Pat about being a hillbilly. Pat even knew where Hot Spot is as her grandparents lived there years ago.

Happy birthday to Ann Calihan Oct. 7, and belated birthday wishes to my oldest daughter Kay Gray, who celebrated Sept. 30. Kay spent a week in Destin, Fla. at their home there, along with several friends.

My granddaughter Jodi Gray is teaching second grade again this year. Jodi has already been recognized as an outstanding teacher.

Several of her employers find her teaching abilities amazing, saying how well she has control of her students. Jodi also got picked to be team leader over several teachers in the school with a good bonus each year.

Yes, I am a proud grandmother.

Kay has always been someone who is not afraid to tackle anything. Kay is a very gifted interior decorator and used to draw amazing things. I don’t know if she even picks up a pencil any more.

Love to all you readers. Maybe my column will be more interesting next week. Until next time.

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