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My Jenkins High School Class of 1948

There is not a day that goes by I don’t think of my school days. I have many happy memories of growing up on our 100-acre farm at the head of Cane Branch, and the eight years of going to Burdine School.

But when my classmates graduated from Jenkins High School in 1948, I was assigned to Langley Field, Virginia as a crew chief of an air sea rescue aircraft. I had three years of military service. We were on orders to leave for Germany any day to deal with the Berlin Airlift.

During my 27-year military career, I ran into graduates of Jenkins School. A few were my classmates I played sports with during my short time in high school. I received my GED in 1952. A couple of my classmates were killed in the war; one of them had worked for me.

I attended our 25th reunion held on July 22, 1972 at the Elkhorn Country Club in Jenkins. I had just retired from the Air Force.

Our 50-year reunion was July 11, 1997. I receive the award for coming the longest distance, handed to me by my cousin Jack Brummett, who is also retired from the Air Force.

For me, it was very sad as I have been away from Jenkins since Christmas break in 1945. I only came home on leave. I worked in California after I retired at the Pentagon on December 1, 1972. I had not seen some of the many faces of friends and classmates since our school days a long time ago. I grew up with many of these people, realizing you don’t remember some of them.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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