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My last printing assignment

I was assigned to the Pentagon, the largest office building in the world, in charge of the largest communication center in the world. We had our own printing department.

My first week there, I was asked to report to the Chief of Staff ’s office. I knew the General for over 20 years.

My last duty was overseas as noncommissioned officer in charge of all printing in Europe at Lindsey Air Station in German for three years. We were always shorthanded.

The Chief of Staff had a list of 15 want-to-be printers he wanted me to train to replace the ones overseas who were ready to return stateside.

As I was in charge of most of the top floor in the Pentagon, I had lots of room to train these new people.

I had two sergeants to help me train these new printers. I was later told that new printers did an outstanding job in their new assignments overseas.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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