Whitesburg KY

My military career, Eagle stories are now on display

At Vaca Valley Living, where I now live, I met a lady and after we got talking I found I was with her dad years ago in the military. I was into old cars and we would show them off on weekends. Her dad liked my car and would hang out with me at these meets.

We have become good friends. We play Bingo together almost every day. I sometimes hold her hand under the table. Some of my other friends know what is going on and they love it. I also have lunch with her.

On the walls of this very large lunchroom, all military members have their names and photos of some of the things they did in their service to their country.

My photo and what I did is the largest; they think I am a hero.

The Mountain Eagle has its spot on the wall. I have the largest spot on the wall. New people, when they come into this place, stand in line to see what I did. I get a chance to talk to many of these folks. I also meet some that served with me during all those years. Some of my stories are there and they love reading them.

I must say, I was a pretty good-looking person in my uniform in those days.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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