Whitesburg KY

My new home

For a few months I have been living in Vaca Valley Living Community. All folks are older, many are ladies. A few of us are retired military.

They like to visit with me in my room to look at all the awards and photos I have from all over the world. My military record, with my photos, is shown on a large wall.

My kids come for a visit, but there’s no room for them to spend the night. That’s the hardest thing for me to get used to. My kids have always been close to me.

No cars, and I’ve always had a car or two sitting in my garage. We take bus trips, but it’s always some place I’ve been many times.

I talk to the folks on the bus about all the sights we see. We see lots of movies, and play many games, like Bingo.

We all do things at the same time, like eat or go to bed. It takes time to get used to. It’s very hard for me to get used to after all the places I’ve been to over most of the world during my lifetime.

I recall the hard times my dad had trying to run his farm when he got older, on Cane Branch in Jenkins.

When I came home on leave I would try to help him and my mother would be right there with us. The old place was run down and needed a lot of repair work.

I want to think my hometown of Jenkins for the honor they gave me by naming the road at the mouth of Cane Branch after me for my service during the war.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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