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My new sports partner

At my new home, Vaca Valley Living, a memory care community, I received a new partner for our sport games we have each day. We became good friends and won many games.

Jackie is a member of this home, and very pretty. We like each other a lot.

One day as we were having lunch, Jackie asked me if I knew her dad. He was a longtime member of this base I served on for many years. He was a C-133 aircrew member for many years.

In the early years on this base, I had a 1929 Ford, and was a member of the Classic Car Club on base.

I had led a parade of classic cars from a nearby town on our base. Her dad watched the parade. He later got in touch with me to see if he could ride with me in one of my parades.

I gave him the date of the coming parade and told him he could ride with me anytime.

We became friends. We later lost track of each other after 18 men were killed on base during the practice bombing runs on the night of August 5, 1950 at the base that would be named Travis Air Force Base when my boss, General Travis, was killed and they named the base after him.

I would also be very busy moving our headquarters from Hawaii to this new base.

My printing equipment was large and heavy to move by aircraft. I was never that sore in my life.

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