Whitesburg KY

My picture is on the wall

I have not written much since I hurt my ribs. I will try to write a small story about what I’m doing.

This place is called Vaca Valley Living, a memory core community. After I was hurt I could not go back to my large home and live alone.

The cost here is $5,000 a month. With all my retirements and all, my kids say I have money. I don’t know how long I will be here.

There are a few retired vets here. With my record and all the photos I have here, my stories from The Mountain Eagle, and photos on the wall, all folks want to see them. There are twice as many ladies here as men.

They have started putting things on a large wall of news about the men in World War II. Photos, stories and such. You can guess who has the most stories and photos. Even the activities directors want to know all about me.

My story and photo of what I wrote about training about how I trained the Air Force One crew with a photo of us is on the wall.

My photo of all of us and the story is the talk of the place here. Also, the photo of me getting the honor of having me, M/Sgt. Everett B. Vanover, getting the award at Cane Branch; they love it.

There are 11 photos of men on the wall to date. Mine is the largest, and I love it. There have to be over 1,000 folks here.

The wall in my room is covered with things from your newspaper.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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