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My retirement from the military at the Pentagon

On my last day of service in the Air Force, I was called to the office of the Secretary of the Air Force where I was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal (Third Leaf Cluster) for Meritorious Service in my career.

And then the President of the United States, who I did not know was in the room, came toward me and handed me a Certificate of Appreciation for my service in the armed forces of the United States.

It read, ‘Master Sergeant Everett B. Vanover, United States Air Force, 1 January 1946 to 30 November, 1972, I extend to you my personal thanks and the sincere appreciation of a grateful nation for your contribution of honorable service to our country. You have helped maintain the security of the nation during a critical time in its history with a devotion to duty and a spirit of sacrifice in keeping with the proud tradition of the military service.

“I trust that in the coming years you will maintain an active interest in the Armed Forces and the purpose for which you served. My best wishes to you for happiness and success in the future.

“Signed: Richard Nixon, Commander In Chief

“With his Seal of the President of the United States”.

(I have many awards and appreciation letters from my 27-year military career, but this is a special one.)

Not bad for an old Kentucky hillbilly from Jenkins.

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