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My time at Burdine Grade School

My eight years at Burdine Grade School were some of the best years of my life. All of my teachers were great, and taught this old boy well.

I was a tall kid and sat in the back of the class, and could see everything that went on. I saw a lot, some good and some not so good. I saw a classmate put a small ground snake into a matchbox on the teacher’s desk, and when she opened it, she almost passed out. During the time our windows were open because of the heat, one of the guys who did not like school jumped out the window and took off.

The classmate that sat in front of me always told me to raise my hand when our teacher asked a question, whether I knew the answer or not and if the teacher called on me and I did not know the answer, for me to ask to go to the bathroom or get my pencil sharpened. I never once tried that.

The worst time I had a school was when I met the polecat in the middle of the road, and he sprayed me good. The other time was after Halloween when our outdoor outhouses were turned over and the students and teachers had to suffer a couple of days. The teachers told us not to drink any water during that time.

Dave Craft assigned me the duty as captain of the patrol boys during my seventh and eighth grades, a job I did not want. Mr. Craft and the teacher I liked the most, Mrs. Adams, tried to help me with my shyness.

The pretty classmate I was so crazy about, when I went into the military I wrote her many letters during my basic training but never mailed them. I asked her for a dance at our Jenkins High School reunion and told her about the letters. She told me I was a fool for not mailing them, that she also had a big crush on me at that time.

I guess you live and learn. I’ve had a good life and turned out okay.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfi eld, Calif.

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