Whitesburg KY

My top secret clearance

1948, Lackland Air Base, Texas

I was 19 years old, had four years service, I was put in charge of the base printing department. Others were there longer than I. Our boss was a non printer.

The Office of Special Investigations called me to report to their office. They were like secret police and wore civilian clothes. I knew all of them, with no one in our shop cleared for classified work. They pick me to get a top secret clearance to do their printing.

They investigated me, sent the report to the FBI in Washington, D.C.

The FBI came to Jenkins and Burdine to ask questions about me. It shook up both towns. The FBI had never been there before. They okayed me top secret clearance on me.

The Jenkins Police and the judge wanted to know all about everything.

The police department later told me the FBI agents laugher their heads off when the agents found going naked in Jenkins Lake was the worst thing I had done.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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