Whitesburg KY

My top-secret job

Twenty-three of my 27 years in the military, I was a printing supervisor with a top-secret clearance.

It all started when the FBI came to Burdine and Jenkins in 1948 to talk to the people who knew me — my teachers, police department, storeowners, my classmates and my parents.

They wanted to know if I was a loyal citizen and if I had ever been in any trouble before they approved me handling top-secret material from the military over most of the world.

When the Korean War started in June 1949, I was asked to open Sampson Air Base, New York as the printing supervisor where this new base would train new troops for the war.

All three of my brothers would be assigned to Korea at the same time. My baby brother, Roger, was a paratrooper, Dickie was a mess sergeant, and my half-brother Erman was a military police officer. They all came home safe.

During those 23 years, I saw top-secret material come across my desk that few people saw.

My last assignment, the Pentagon, everything was classified.

I had a great career. I miss some of those days.

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