Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Need to breathe mountain air

Happy Halloween everyone!

Winter is slowly creeping in and edging fall on the back burner. We had two hard frosts in this area, and this morning the temperature was 25 degrees.

For some time I’ve joked about kids taking baths in winter by saying I was giving up taking baths from October through May. Well, we are in the middle of October, but it feels like winter so I may just start my ritual. Stock up on some good smelling lotions and that stuff I can’t stand called perfume.

Sunday was a beautiful day to look outside. I need to run some errands, but they can wait. The foliage was just turning when we got a hard storm so it took a lot of the leaves, now the colors of autumn are emerging once again.

Oh the golden hues of golden as the early dawn light hits. It is so beautiful that I can hardly see to drive as tears want to make an exit blinding me.

I am sorry I didn’t get to socialize very much while I was at Blackey days. The board members and everyone really do a wonderful job in presenting this event.

There was one episode that bothered me. I can’t understand why people who have pets can’t leave them at home. I saw a woman carry a little dog right through the crowded tent where people were enjoying music, and some were eating food.

Had I been eating and she walked that close, I would have said something. Not only that, she took the dog into the center where food is served.

No, I am not an animal hater, I just don’t believe animals need to be taken out in public. This I the first time I’ve seen this happen.

I’ve let my thoughts travel back in time more than usual. Could be that I’m not feeling like doing anything and have too much time on my hands?

I would never be satisfied to live in the mountains as I was just a child almost when I left. In the fall and spring and sometimes in between, I feel the need to just go back, breathe the mountain air, and feel the mountain soil under my feet.

Southern Ohio

I drive past the places where we used to live, and I look upon the hill where my little feet used to walk. But when the day turns to night, I long to be sitting on my porch looking across the hayfield.

Each time I drive past Vern Hogg’s old homeplace, I slow down or come to a stop as I look into the trees to the section where a little house sat so many years ago. I was about seven years old when Mom and Dad moved there; it will always be a favorite place for me. Even as a child I loved the solace of living away from everyone, and time hasn’t ever changed that for me.

The mountains and what I learned as a child will always stay with me. As I have so often written or said before, except for the unpleasant memories of Dad’s drinking, I wouldn’t change my growing up years for any amount of money. That also helped me to be the strong, independent person that I am today.

Ann Calihan enjoyed a lovely birthday with Johnny and her family. I was so busy trying to get ready for Blackey Days, I didn’t even take her a card.

Ann also enjoyed going to Weber’s Farm Festival with her granddaughter Ashley. It is so good to see her out gallivanting about.

Johnny Calihan enjoys going to the ballgames at Harrison High School.

Doyle and Betty Ison had an issue they had to take care of, and it about wore these two completely out. It seems there’s always something to do.

My son is working at Greendale, Ind., and each time I take him to work I pass by Greendale Cemetery where my grandpa Ben Adams and my uncle and aunts, and other relatives are buried.

I really didn’t know my grandpa too well until I moved to Ohio. Never thought that someday I would be driving past his final resting place.

John Barton was as good as a grandparent as any child could have ever wanted.

Hunter’s Pizzeria is no longer having music, and for the past year I haven’t attended like I wanted to, because of health reasons. This place will be missed by a lot of people.

I will miss seeing Les and Pat Wagner and hearing Tony Hale and Black Water Band.

Sorry this column isn’t very interesting, but I’m struggling to write. Until next time.

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