Whitesburg KY

Neighborhood thefts

My grandpa likes to sit on the porch and tell stories about how things used to be in days gone by. He talks about how folks would leave things alone that didn’t belong to them, and always tried to help each other in times of need. All In Fun

He had a bad disappointment in his fellow man last Saturday evening. He was sitting in the porch swing in the warm sunshine when he dozed off to sleep. His feet got cold and woke him up. He was wondering out loud if they had stolen them for the money or for the copper.

He was telling one of his friends about it this week. His friend lives down the road a few miles below him. His buddy agreed that things were getting bad. He said just a couple of weeks ago he had trouble too.

His old horse usually stands under a big tree down in one corner of the pasture. One night somebody stole both of the steel horseshoes off of the side of the horse that was turned toward the road. Grandpa and his buddy both agreed, with the price of scrap iron going up so high, nothing was really safe.

Grandpa seemed to really take their conversation very seriously. He hid the aluminum dipper, and put the old, long-handled gourd dipper back in the water bucket. His old mule has had to stay locked in the barn every night since.

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