Whitesburg KY

Neighbors fight forest fire at Little Dry Fork


Saturday afternoon Little Dry Fork had a forest fire. Behind Ronnie Wayne and Vickie Jones’s house, fire starting coming up the mountain and was getting close to their house. Several neighbors helped to keep it away from their home until the Sandlick Fire Department got there. They got it pretty well under control. Then the Forestry Division showed up and helped put it out. It went all the way to the top of the mountain.

Ronnie and Vickie’s home was broken into about a month ago. They said they just couldn’t get enough by stealing and breaking in, now they were about to be burned out.

There were three or four more trailers down under the mountain. Burning logs were about to get them, but thanks to all the Forestry workers all the fire was put out and the only thing that really got burned was the water line.

Everyone would like to say thank you to the Sandlick Fire Department for responding so quickly and the Forestry Department for making sure all the fire was put out.

I really thought cold weather was over then we got sleet, snow and 30-degree temperatures. This is redbud winter. I cannot wait until all the cold weather is over and spring and summer are here.

Saturday afternoon the electricity went off at Kingscreek around 4 p.m. and stayed off until 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning. I heard a tree on the top of the mountain at Graveyard Hollow fell on a power pole and knocked the electric lines down and set the mountains on fire. Apparently there were several fires all over these parts. So it was a blessing having rain, sleet, and snow over the past few days.

I would just like to say that our prayers and hearts are with the Roger Breeding family. We send our deepest sympathy.

There have been several people dryland fish hunting. I’ve heard several people have found all kinds, but I haven’t seen any. I heard Joe Boggs from Bo Fork went and found a garbage bag full. He could have shared a few.

Norma Jean Roark is having a birthday Saturday, April 19, and Regina Logan and Bubby (Ralph Jr.) Mullins. Happy birthday to all.

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