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Nellie Banks celebrates 92nd birthday

Northeast Ohio

Can you believe it’s been a whole week since I wrote my so-called piece for The Mountain Eagle? I sincerely hope it was a good week for everyone.

We’ve had a beautiful, sunshiny days, but we did have rain earlier and are expecting more during the coming weekend. I’m not surprised at all, in fact we could see more snow. March is one unpredictable month.

Red has had a much better day, his eye is not so red and swollen. In fact, he felt well enough to go out to eat this evening. We went to Dairy Queen and he got a chicken strip basket and I had myself a banana split, the sunshine is to blame.

Red has talked with his sister, Jean, and brother, Charles, this week. Their sister, Nina Hobbs, is back home with her daughter and husband, Frances and Bill Howard of Jenkins. Nina had been in rehab at Letcher Manor for several weeks. From what they say, she’s really glad to be home with her family.

I got a call from dear friend, Nellie Banks in Bloomington, Ind. She had a birthday on March, 9, she is now 92 years young and she really does sound young, but I don’t think she is feeling any too chipper right now. I know the feeling all too well, I’m soon going to be 83 and I’m not the woman I used to be. Really good talking with you, Nellie. I always enjoy our visits by phone.

I just called Red’s niece, Teri (Hunsucker) Shortt, to find out the date of the Engle picnic. It will be on Sunday, May 30, at Flat Gap, Va., in the Senior Citizens Center. The theme for this year will be Hawaiian. There will be music and singing, both country and gospel, and even other if anyone wants to sing or play. There will also be games for both kids and grownups and an auction to raise money for next year, so if there’s anything you want to get rid of, now’s your chance. I believe all are supposed to donate. The big event for the day will be a man’s beauty contest. So all you men, get your wigs, prom dresses, high heels, panty hose and makeup ready. If you want to give a preview get yourself gussied up, send me a photo and I’ll see if I can get them published in -.

Teri was telling me that her youngest daughter, Vanessa, from New York, will be a member of a wedding for one of her friends who lives in Florida near Orlando. She and her husband, Bill, and baby son will be going down and Teri and her husband Phillip are planning to meet them there. I hope they have a good visit and that the weather will be cooperative.

I’m doing some driving now. Got to get back in practice just in case we are both up to a trip to the mountains.

My cousin, Eva Dale Douglas, called from Sacramento, Calif., recently. We always have good long conversations. I just love when she calls.

I also talked with Jeanie this week. She is still doing well, for which I am so very grateful. She said Phil had planted lettuce and onions. Yum, fresh lettuce and onions cut up and killed with hot oil or grease with fried ‘taters and cornbread. She also said Christy was feeling a mite peaked. I hope all of you are doing well and having a good week.

Red called his sister, Nina, this morning, said she sounded good and was glad to be home again. We got a call from Red’s niece Lena Stallard in Pound, Va., this afternoon. It was so good talking with her. She off ered to come drive us to Letcher County then bring us back home on Memorial Weekend. A most generous offer, the only drawback would be not having a car in case we wanted to do some running around. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how things will be.

We had company this afternoon, a couple from Vermilion, Sonny and Imma Sissler. Imma’s dad and mom are Flemings from the Neon-Jackhorn area.

Georgia just called. She and Richard are coming by, bringing Arby’s roast beef sandwiches. Now, isn’t that a nice thing to do?

It has been one gorgeous day here, it’s now past six o’clock (evening) and kids are out playing in short sleeves. Do wish it would stay this way, but I‘m sure we’ll be having bad weather yet.

I’d a most welcome letter from Don and Ava Blair. Ava has finished her treatments but still has days when she doesn’t feel up to par. Sure hope both she and Don will be up to speed soon. I think they plan to go down for the Stuart Robinson re-union this year.

It’s always in August and too close to time for the Engle-Sergent picnic, so I usually have to miss going. I would like to go at least one time. I’d love to see the ones who were in school from ‘41 to ‘45.

It’s about time for my gal Friday to show up so had better finish this before she gets here.

Y’all have a blessed peaceful week, stay well and think spring (March 20). Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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