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Neon appoints two to council

The Fleming-Neon City Council filled two council seats at its February meeting that were left vacant after last year’s November elections when Tom Haynes and Brett Holland declined to seek another council term and no one else ran. Councilman James D. Collins suggested that Kenneth Holbrook fill one seat and Mayor Susie Polis placed Ricky Fleming in nomination to fill the other. In individual votes, the council approved each man unanimously. Mayor Polis will contact both men and they are expected to attend the next meeting. The action took place in the second meeting of the year because the council did not meet in January.

Water Manager Chris Banks reported that city workers are still looking for leaks in water lines, and said he might ask Kentucky Rural Water or another support agency for help in locating them. However, Banks said that with cold weather and heavy rains affecting most water systems, this is the busy season for support agencies as well as for municipal utilities.

In a public hearing held prior to the 6 p.m. meeting starting time, the council discussed the completion of Phase I of the Fleming- Neon Water Improvement Project. Phase I was aimed at rebuilding the city’s water treatment plant in McRoberts. The project has been finished satisfactorily and Angie Smith Hall, Associate Director, Community and Economic Development for the Kentucky River Development District, and Harold Kelly of Nesbitt Engineering joined the council to discuss project progress, program performance, and use of funds and the activities under the Community Development Block Grant application. They also solicited citizen comments and examined the overall goals of the project. There were no citizens present although the meeting was open to the public. Phase II will address the replacement of water lines and improvements in delivery systems.

The only problem Banks reported was that there have been some difficulties reconciling some of the older equipment that was not replaced during the rebuild with the new high-tech systems. He said water workers have paid close attention to the affected systems to make sure they don’t have problems.

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