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Neon approves budget

The Fleming-Neon City Council met in a called meeting Monday night and passed the second reading of its budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013. The budget calls for expenditures of $244,343.68 against revenues of $244,987.33 with a surplus of $643.65.

The council accepted bids for sidewalk repairs. Blair Construction submitted the only bid for $36,850, but the city only had $21,000 allocated for sidewalk repairs so Blair said he will do repairs in that amount. Blair and several council members along with Mayor Susie Polis will determine which sidewalks need repair the most. Blair Construction also submitted the sole bid of $3,600 for building a shelter for the city’s walking track.

Water and Sewer Superintendent Chris Banks told the council that while the city’s water supply is all right at present, he is concerned about the ongoing drought.

Banks told the council that water losses for May stood at 50 percent. He attributed the unusually high losses to several large leaks, but said people may be stealing water from fire hydrants to fill up swimming pools as well.

City foreman Jake Johnson praised the volunteers who participated in the city’s PRIDE cleanup, but said some people are also illegally putting construction materials in private and city-owned Dumpsters.

The council also voted to paint curbs and put up flags for the Fourth of July celebration and will share the cost of fireworks with the American Legion and the Fleming-Neon Volunteer Fire Department.

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