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Neon battling water woes

About 10 percent of Fleming-Neon Water Company customers — or about 120 households — have had water off and on since Feb. 1, said Fleming-Neon Mayor Susie Polis. A boil water advisory is in effect for all customers of Fleming-Neon Water Company.

Households located in higher elevations in Fleming-Neon and the upper parts of Goose Creek and Hogg Hollow have been without water the most, said Chris Banks, Fleming-Neon water supervisor.

Polis said water has been available to the affected households at certain times during February, but at other times customers have been without water.

Banks said although water has been shut off in different areas trying to locate the problem and find leaks, the entire water system has not been without water at one time.

The Kentucky Rural Water agency and Nesbitt Engineering have assisted the water company with leak detection and system surveys.

Seven leaks have been fixed, Polis said.

“The problem is we cannot get enough water pressure to supply higher elevations,” said Banks. “We have found several problems, small leaks, pressure valves and gate valves that need to be replaced.”

A valve at a pump station needs replacing and Polis said three estimates are needed before the valve can be ordered. She said estimates were being sought on Tuesday afternoon.

“It has been larger than we thought,” said Polis. “We are working on it. They have been working long hours.”

East Letcher Ministry gave out bottled water to customers on Monday. Polis was trying to get bottled water donated from other sources on Tuesday.

Water problems were also on the agenda for the Fleming-Neon City Council at its February meeting.

Jeff Hawkins, who lives in Hogg Hollow, told Banks there has been no water at his home or at his son’s or parents’ home for well over a week and said better com- munications on the part of the city or water department would be helpful. Hawkins said no one in his family has received any phone calls or other notifications about the situation. He suggested a call list for water customers in the areas where there are known problems or scheduled shut-offs, and also suggested posting information on the city web site concerning outages and what is being done to correct them.

Polis told Hawkins she would make sure he is notified of future outages and Banks said he would be glad to take any suggestions that would make the situation easier for those who don’t have water.

In other business at the meeting, City Foreman Jake Johnson announced there will be no city garbage pick-upon next Monday (February 18) because of the Presidents’ Day holiday. He said customers who usually have Monday pick-up will have their garbage picked up on Tuesday and should put their garbage out for collection that day.

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