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Neon Community Lions Club meets

Vanessa Adams is the newest member of the Neon Community Lions Club.

Vanessa Adams is the newest member of the Neon Community Lions Club.

It was a great evening on this beautiful Tuesday as the Neon Community Lions Club gathered for their meeting. There were 14 Lions Club members present. Everyone enjoyed catching up on what the others had been doing for the past two weeks.

As the president, Jason Adams, tapped the bell for the meeting to begin and after the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and the opening prayer, everyone was invited to this evening’s meal.

That evening’s meal was spaghetti and meatballs and a beautifully made salad with a good mixture, with lettuce, spinach leaves, etc. (very appetizing). And you might be able to say that during the meal is about the quietest event that takes place in our meetings. After the meal, the president once again tapped the bell and everyone came to attention of business.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted. The first item of business concerned the PRIDE event of picking up litter from the roadsides of our community. The club will be participating on Saturday, Sept. 27, alongside the road in the community of Craft’s Colly.

The group will be meeting at the old Ermine Post Office at 9 a.m. If you wish to volunteer your assistance, please contact a Neon Lions Club member or simply show up at the old Ermine Post Office at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 27. The next item discussed set the next meeting for nominations of officers for the upcoming year.

In our next item of business we were addressed by our guest speaker for the night . Our guest was Larry Quillen, who works for the University of Kentucky Rural Health.

Mr. Quillen’s office is located in Hazard, and he was here to represent the organization of Remote Area Medicine (RAM) and he enlightened us about the organization.

The organization he represents was founded by Stan Brock in 1985 and has been helping those people who could not afford or were left out in some manner in the medical services. It is a free medical clinic consisting of two days for anyone who wishes to receive treatment.

Mr. Quillen stated that his purpose is to help make us aware of the program services, inform us on how those services are carried out, and to explain that volunteers are welcome to help with the program on the local level while the two-day program is taking place within reach of our community.

The next two-day event in our area will take place on June 8 and 9 in Hazard at the new East Perry Elementary School on Highway 80, just past the Walmart on the right-hand side of the road going toward Hindman.

Mr. Quillen also informed us how the RAM Program works.

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a major nonprofit provider of free mobile clinics (medical services, dental services, and eye care services). The mission is to prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free, quality healthcare to those in need, by delivering free dental, vision, and medical services to underserved and uninsured individuals.

RAM’s Corps consist of more than 135,000 volunteers — licensed dental, vision, medical, and veterinary professionals. The program has treated more than 785,000 individuals and 68,000 animals, delivering $135 million worth of free care.

The vision of the program is to be the best at operating clinics, which enhance quality of life through the delivery of competent and compassionate health care to those who are impoverished, isolated, and underserved.

The organization is part of a larger effort to bring people together to address health care issues in their community and see those communities transformed for a better and healthier future.

The core values are compassion, respect and integrity. RAM is committed to providing free quality services and support at no charge to patients. Its standard of service combines high quality healthcare with compassion and cooperation from supporters, partners, and practitioners. RAM complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The members of Neon Lions Club gained a lot of knowledge as well as an understanding about the program thanks to our guest speaker Larry Quillen from the United Rural Health in Hazard. If you would like to know more, you may contact Mr. Quillen at his office or go online to: www.ramusa.org.

The next item of business was the induction of our newest member into our club. The new member is Vanessa Adams and we are happy that she has become part of our organization. She was given a Lions Club pin and a certificate of membership into the Neon Community Lions Club, which brought us to the end of an interesting night.

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