Whitesburg KY

Neon council discusses flood damage

The recent heavy rains did some fairly serious damage to streets and bridges in the City of Fleming-Neon.

The bridge at Welch Hollow washed out and will have to be replaced, and the road at Abdoo Street also took some water damage. Greg Halle LLC placed the low bid for the bridge work at Welch Hollow with a bid of $21,000.

The Fleming-Neon City Council approved the work at its March meeting. The Department of Rural and Municipal Aid will help the city pay for replacing the bridge with an 80/20 match. The Department will contribute $16,860 and the city’s pay $4,800.

Abdoo Street was not as badly damaged, but will probably have to be regraveled. The state Division of Abandoned Mine Lands will send inspectors to examine Abdoo Street and determine if it will fund the necessary repairs.

In other business, the council voted to approve Mayor Susie Polis placing an ad for bids on the lot where the old Fleming Neon Public Library was located. The council will take sealed bids for the lot. Water Department Maintenance Foreman Chris Banks told the council that the city needs new surveillance cameras for the water treatment plant at McRoberts.

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