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Neon doesn’t want to be the new owner of run-down library

The City of Fleming-Neon does not want to be stuck as the new owner of a dilapidated building that formerly housed a branch of the Letcher County Public Library.

Mayor Susan Polis told the Fleming Neon City Council this week that she has spoken to a representative of the Letcher County Library Board about demolishing the building, but said the structure still has not been torn down.

Polis said she told the library representative that the city had voted to exchange an empty lot for an empty lot when the council transferred the site of the new public library branch to the board, and that the council still expects the old building, which is in very bad shape, to be torn down.

Polis said the library representative told her that someone interested in buying the old building has submitted a bid of $2,000. Polis said her concern over selling the library building is that it is so dilapidated that the purchaser may abandon it if he or she is not able to rehabilitate it, meaning the city would then be stuck with another decaying struc- ture.

Polis said the Letcher County Library Board will meet on July 21, and that she expects to hear from the board soon after ther meeting is held.

In other business at its July meeting, the city council voted to increase the sanitation department’s dumping fee for large Dumpsters from $50 to $75 per load.

The council took the action after City Foreman Jake Johnson said the city is losing money on the large six-yard capacity Dumpster it rents out for use in construction and repair projects. Johnson said the Dumpster can hold as much as two tons of roofing, plywood, and other heavy materials — especially if it is overloaded — and when that happens, the city has frequently paid a higher dumping fee than it charges customers. He said the city has been losing around $50 on the Dumpster when it is overloaded.

The set-up fee for the large Dumpsters will remain at $25. Letcher County Judge/Executive Judge Ward, who was visiting the meeting, told the council that when Dumpsters rented out by the county sanitation system are badly overloaded, the renter is charged a double dumping fee to offset the charge for the additional weight at the landfill. The council said it would take Ward’s recommendation into consideration if the overloading continues.

Ward also told the council that Fleming-Neon’s water system is now connected with Letcher County’s water system through a pipeline coming from Deane water project is complete. Ward said the storage tank that will feed the Hemphill side of the new Deane water project now has the capability to provide water to Fleming-Neon system in the event of a drought or another emergency.

Ward said that when the Letcher County Water and Sewer District completes its work throughout the county, Fleming-Neon will be connected to county lines at Deane and Millstone. The city will also be connected to the Jenkins Water System through an “interconnect” at Haymond that will soon be under construction. Ward said the ultimate goal is to have all the water systems in the county connected with each other so they can help the other out in the event of an emergency.

In other business, Fleming Neon resident Crystal Houston approached the council to ask its approval for an auto dealer license for a small car lot in Hogg Hollow. Houston said she had a petition with a signifi- cant number of signatures supporting her effort, and added that she has spoken to residents of the Hogg Hollow area and promised that the business will not block the road.

Polis told Houston that as long as the road is kept clear she has no objection and the council voted unanimously to approve the request.

The council also discussed the possibility of publishing a delinquent taxpayers list. The discussion came after a comment Councilman James D. Collins made in asking for increased enforcement on businesses that are not complying with the city’s business license ordinance. Councilman Tom Haynes said the county publishes a list of delinquent taxpayers and the city can do the same with business license delinquents as well as taxpayers.

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