Whitesburg KY

Neon homes, business without water until flood danger leaves

Two homes and a business near Neon Junction will remain without water until it is safe for workers to make repairs.

Water Manager Chris Banks told the Fleming-Neon City Council on Monday that the leak is too dangerous for city workers to repair as long as water in the creek is so high. Banks said the line that runs through a tunnel from Barlow Lake, and serves a restaurant and two homes has burst and is now shut off. The tunnel is full of runoff water and Banks said it is just too dangerous to get into it himself, or to put somebody else in it to try to repair the leak.

Mayor Susie Polis said that no one should go into the tunnel under any circumstances, as long as it has so much water in it. She said the safety of city workers is the first issue for her and that as soon as work can continue safely, the leak will be fixed. The leak has shut off water to Gary’s Pizza and two nearby homes. After Banks left the meeting, Polis said the water loss for January is 19 percent.

In a related matter, Polis said that high water in streams running through the city didn’t create any serious situations recently. She said there were no jams at bridges or in culverts that backed the water up and created flooding. Polis said she checked on the water often and it kept moving out of the city.

Polis also asked water customers and others who come into or call City Hall to pay their bills or report a problem to be polite and show respect to city workers and the people who answer the telephones. Polis said these aren’t the people who are responsible for their problems, and they are the first step toward getting them solved.

Polis also cautioned everyone to be “weather aware” and understand that for at least the time being, it isn’t going to stop raining. There will be high water on roads, and creeks and rivers will be dangerously high. Take the precautions you can, and be very careful.

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