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Neon is seeking input on taxes

Property tax rates in the City of Fleming-Neon will not be raised this year.

The Fleming-Neon City Council this week said that at the time a special meeting was held on September 24, the council did not feel it had time to conduct the required public hearing to raise the tax rate past the compensating rate or to conduct the two public readings necessary to approve an ordinance raising the tax rate. Kentucky law requires a public hearing if a taxing body plans to raise the tax rate higher than the compensating rate set by the state. The compensating rate is a tax rate set by the Department of Revenue that will keep tax receipts at the same point as the previous year. Any action on an ordinance requires that two readings be conducted in the governing body.

Now, the city council is inviting the public to attend a special meeting on Monday, October 29, to discuss the possibility of increasing property tax rates as well as other issues citizens feel are important to the city.

The issue of blighted and deterio- rated properties in the city limits will be one of the main topics at the meeting later this month. The Fleming-Neon council is interested in the Jenkins City Council’s efforts in addressing the issue of blighted and deteriorated property by placing liens on property in the amount it takes city workers to clean them up. The City Attorney will attend the meeting to answer legal questions council members want to have explained, including the blighted and deteriorated issue.

At the council’s October meeting this week, KRADD Associate Director of Community and Economic Development Angelia Smith- Hall, who works with the city on grants and other issues, informed the council that work on the overhaul of the city’s water treatment plant in McRoberts is 83 percent complete. She also said she has filed a grant application with the Appalachian Regional Commission for second phase of the city’s water rehabilitation project, which will address water line improvements. In response to a question regarding the time frame of the grant, Smith-Hall said that she should know something by December, but it could be later.

The city will hold its annual Halloween Safe Night at the City Stage Area across from City Hall on Wednesday, October 31. Council members and local businesses will give out treats to children. Mayor Susie Polis said the event will begin at 5 p.m. and last until 8 p.m. In the event of rain, the event will move to Fleming-Neon City Hall.

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