Whitesburg KY

Neon Lions Club meets

The Neon Community Lions Club met Sept. 4 at 6:30 p.m. There were 15 members present at the meeting. As members of the club came to order, a prayer and pledge to the flag was observed.

Derrick Fields and Richard G. Hall were present for the meeting. The two had been absent for the last few meetings due to some outside business. Richard and Roger Hall were absent at the last meeting due to a funeral viewing within their community.

Richard was officially inducted into the club tonight. The club members all feel that he will be an excellent addition to their efforts within the community.

The supper set before the club tonight by the women of the church was excellent. Sam Quillen had prepared the delicious and tender ham entree, which was trimmed by the ladies to include, green beans, potato salad, as well as a couple of other sides, plus a pasta salad. It was truly a wonderful meal. Of course there was cake for dessert along with soft drinks and coffee.

The discussion for the night was centered around the upcoming Neon Days. Everyone was anxious to make preparations for the club activity — the food booth featuring hamburgers, cheeseburgers, drinks and extras.

The members signed up to participate in the weekend event with enthusiasm. Last year the club members came out with almost all members participating and the same is expected this year. Make sure you come by the booth and support the club’s efforts and to say hello. You will find the members willing to serve their best, even in conversation.

Also members will be taking donations for the club’s official giveaway of the Henry “Golden Boy” rifle or a $400 cash prize to be given away on Dec. 3. Tickets are $2 each or three tickets for $5.

As the meeting closed, Richard was presented with his certificate and membership pin ceremony. All in all, it was a very good night of fellowship for the Neon Community Lions Club. And as always, “We are the Neon Community Lions Club, and we serve.”

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