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Neon member quits

The Fleming-Neon City Council will begin the process of appointing a new member soon. At the council’s August meeting, Mayor Susie Polis read a letter of resignation from Everett Duncan, who wrote that he was quitting because he no longer lives in the city limits.

In his letter, Duncan told the council he had been honored to serve the city and enjoyed his time on the council, but that he and his family had recently purchased a home in McRoberts, which is not part of the city. The council voted unanimously to accept the resignation.

In other business, the council discussed what to do with the old Fleming-Neon Library building with Library Board member Jeanette Ladd, who told the several individuals are interested in buying the building. She said that Whitesburg Architect Bill Richardson told the board the building is basically sound, although it does need work on floors and some other things.

Ladd said that the remaining furniture and other items not used in the new library will soon be removed from the building. The other county libraries will have the opportunity to take whatever they need, bookshelves, furniture, etc., and the rest will be sold. She said she does not think the board will hold an auction for the sale of the remaining items, but will just take bids or accept offers on them. Mayor Polis said it is the council’s understanding that the board will demolish the building and present the empty lot to the city, but she and other council members said they would be willing to listen to proposals. Most agreed that they do not want the building to sit empty and deteriorate.

Ladd said the a new roof was installed on the building a few years ago and there are three apartments in the upper level. She added that Richardson said the building was worth quite a bit if it is sold.

“I don’t want to see it sit and rot down,” said Councilman

James D. Collins. Collins added that if the city does decide to sell the building, it could be costly to have a state-approved appraiser determine the value of the building. Ladd said the library board will be willing to do whatever the city wants with the property and said it is willing to have the building demolished if that is the city’s wish.

Councilman Trey Quillen told the council members they should listen to offers and recommendations, but added that if it does not benefit the city, they would proceed with the original plan and have the building demolished. Mayor Polis said if they do allow the building to be sold or used for other purposes, they can put restrictions on it, including a time limit for it to be occupied and for work to stabilize it to be completed.

“It can’t be allowed to sit and deteriorate,” said Polis, “But we can listen.”

Police Chief Mike Dingus reported that Officer Tim Miller has completed a 40- hour retraining session at the Kentucky Police Academy in Richmond.

Water Department Foreman Chris Banks reported that the city had 21 percent water losses in July and said work crews are still looking for leaks. He said a pump was replaced at one of the Haymond sewer lift stations as well. Councilman James D. Collins reminded the council that Neon Days will be held on September 13 and 14.

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