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Neon pays for leak fix

Water leaking onto Fleming Neon’s Main Street from around the old Dawahare’s Department Store building has been taken care of just in time to beat the first real cold spell, but at a considerable cost to the city.

At the November meeting of the Fleming-Neon City Council, Mayor Susie Polis said the situation has been resolved, but the cost will probably have to be paid by the city although she said she has already showed the bill to a representative of the Letcher County Library Board and plans to contact the Dawahare family concerning the repair cost as well. The water problem had not existed until the new Fleming-Neon Public Library was built near the old Dawahare property.

“ It cost $ 6,000, but it works,” said Polis. “I showed the letter to a library board member and will mail a copy to Joe Dawahare, but I don’t think it will do any good.”

In other business, water losses for the month of October have increased, but no immediate reason for the losses is known. Water Director Chris Banks told the council that losses are up to 35 percent and said that he and city workers have been looking for the reason but have yet to find anything for certain. He said it could be a mistaken reading on the tank at Seco and added that the charts at the water plant do not show any reason for a leak of that size. He also said the sewer plant is working well.

Mayor Polis said that the recent billing cycle shows what she considers excessive usage at City Hall and asked if there might be a leak there. Councilman James D. Collins also asked about what he said seemed to be a high number of adjustments on water bills due to leaks.

“ The adjustment rate seems high,” said Collins. “Do that many people have leaks?”

Banks told Collins the adjustments are a common occurrence and said it is his understanding that customers are allowed two adjustments for leaks. Collins said the Utilities Report showed 150,000 gallons written off in adjustments for September and 410,000 gallons in October. Mayor Polis said the adjustment issue should be raised when the Water Board meets on Monday November 18 at 6 p.m.

Police Chief Mike Dingus told the council he had nothing to report on police activity for October, but Mayor Polis told Dingus that someone had been burning in the city limits before 6 p.m. that day, which is illegal, and asked Dingus to take care of the matter. Dingus said he would look into it and Polis said she would like to see burning in the city limits be made illegal at all hours.

Councilman Collins told the council that a date for the Christmas Parade will be set at the upcoming meeting of the Neon Days Committee, and Polis added that a meeting would be held for the unveiling of the city’s art project in conjunction with the Letcher County Tourism Committee on November 12 at 6:30 p.m. in city hall.

Councilman Trey Quillen asked Polis if there has been any movement on plans to tear the old library building down, and Polis said there has not been but she will look into it.

Quillen also asked about the junkyard at Hemphill. Polis said she will need to contact the Kentucky Department of Highways concerning the matter and will do so as soon as possible. She also said she will contact Letcher County Judge/ Executive Jim Ward to see if there is a county ordinance concerning junkyards as well.

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