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Neon talks water, sewer

Work on the Haymond Sewer Project is nearing completion, according to Fleming-Neon Water and Sewer Department Superintendent Carlos Phillips. At the November meeting of the Fleming-Neon City Council, Phillips said the project will be complete after one grinder is installed and a “punch list” (a final check list) is done. He added that the contractors still have to do some work to run a line beneath Highway 805 but said they are waiting for the weather to cooperate and said it will require closing at least one lane of the road.

Phillips also told the council that the installation of a new sewer pump lift station located behind the Marathon Station at Neon Junction is now complete and is working satisfactorily. He said the vendors will be in town this week to program the pumps but said it is working now and the steady flow of sewage into the city sewer plant has made a big difference in the efficiency of the plant.

Phillips said that before the new pump station came on line the flow into the plant fluctuated and the plant operates best with a steady flow. He said the improved performance has allowed him to turn the sand filtration system back on and the effluent water coming out of the plant is crystal clear.

Phillips also told the council the water plant is operating to standard and that the city’s water supply is holding up well. He said the city is still using the auxiliary well as the main water source because it is still producing an overflow and added that the main well is holding its own even in the relatively dry weather.

In response to a question from Council Member Cheryl Furby about water on the road in Shea’s Fork in McRoberts, Phillips said he aware of the situation and that the water running into the road is not treated water and doesn’t come from city lines. He said it is a regular occurrence and the road is a county road. He said the county road department was only able to cut a small ditch alongside the road and the ditch is probably full of dirt and debris by now.

“I’ve been here for 11 years,” said Phillips. “It (the water) has been there for 11 years.”

Mayor Susie Polis also asked about the title for two vehicles purchased by Sam Short that had been declared surplus by the water department. Phillips said he can’t find the title for one but will file for it at the County Court Clerk’s Office. He said the other vehicle was donated.

Furby also asked about problems with coffeemakers and washing machines getting minerals caked in their lines. Phillips replied that the water that comes from the city water supply is hard water and nothing can be done to change that. He said the water coming from the plant meets all the state and federal regulations for treated water but it is defi- nitely hard water. Councilman James D. Collins said he de-limes his coffeemaker regularly and suggested others do the same.

Mayor Polis also asked that customers of the Fleming Neon Water and Sewer Department who have a problem after 4 p.m. call 855-7916. Polis said the calls will go directly to a water department employee 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the Police Report, Chief Mike Dingus told the council that a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe the department will purchase with grant funds should be ready in January, and said the Neon American Legion has helped out with obtaining Crime Prevention Tip Books which he will deliver to local businesses and will also be available for residents at City Hall.

In other city business:

• City Hall will be closed November 24 and 25 for Thanksgiving and garbage pickup for Henry Hutton Road in Fleming will be conducted on the November 23.

• The city Christmas Parade will be held on December 2 at 6:30 p.m. and the city will provide treat bags.

• The council voted unanimously to approve a resolution to reauthorize the city’s participation in a 401K plan for its employees, witha3percentmatch.

• James D. Collins told the council that $1,164 remains in an Area Development Fund grant and the council directed Mayor Polis to spend it as needed for office supplies and other necessary items.

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