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Neon water problems may be solved Friday

Water problems continue for about 10 percent of Fleming-Neon Water Company customers. A valve at a pump station needs replacing and Fleming-Neon Mayor Susie Polis said parts were ordered February 15 and should be delivered by Friday.

“They will be installed as soon as parts arrive,” said Polis. “We are still juggling.”

Three estimates were needed before the valve could be ordered.

About 120 households have had water off and on since Feb. 1. Households located in higher elevations in Fleming-Neon and the upper parts of Goose Creek and Hogg Hollow have been without water the most, said Polis.

Water has been available to the affected households at certain times during February, she said, but at other times customers have been without water.

The Kentucky Rural Water Agency and Nesbitt Engineering have assisted the water company with leak detection and system surveys.

Several problems have been found including small leaks as well as pressure valves and gate valves that need to be replaced, said Chris Banks, Fleming-Neon water supervisor.

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