Whitesburg KY

Neon will fine pet owners who let dogs potty on neighbor’s lawn

Dog owners in the City of Fleming-Neon will be cited and fined if their free running pets poop in public places and other people’s yards.

Mayor Susie Polis told the council on Monday that she recently received a number of complaints about dogs leaving their feces in people’s yards. She said previous efforts haven’t persuaded people to control their pets, and suggested that the council take action.

Councilman James D. Collins, who lives in Fleming, suggested fining offenders $50. The council decided to issue a citation for the first offense and then fine the animal owners $50 for each subsequent incident. The vote was unanimous.

Polis said the goal is for people to keep their animals in their own yards, and clean up after them if they see them make a mess in someone else’s yard.

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