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Never Known: A poem about 9/11



You would have never known That 9/11 started out as just another day. But now that we have seen it, We wish the memory would go away.

You would have never known That a father saying goodbye to his wife, Would say, “I love you” For the final time!

You would have never known That the crisp autumn air Would be stained and scarred By ashes and fear.

But on this day, Everything was pushed aside. As the whole country watched . . . And grew silent.

A black sea flooded New York, Consuming everything it passes. “Keep running! Get away!” Screamed a fireman who was swallowed by ashes.

Every minute felt like hours. And every hour felt like days. And every day that went by, The tears gave way.

We wished we could all just wake up From the nightmare that played before us. We wished it would all disappear All at once with a sudden rush.

How did he feel Knowing that he played God? How could he lay his head down at night Knowing that he killed them all?

You would have never known, that we would be remembering 9/11 today. But now that we have seen it . . . The pain and fear can never go away.

All we can do, Is remember the dead. Remember . . . And never forget!


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