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New book by D. Charles Dixon is in the works

“Historical Perspective of Jenkins/McRoberts”, by D. Charles Dixon.

There have been five books written about the history of Jenkins. The first book was complied for the 60th anniversary Homecoming Celebration published in 1973. Elizabeth Dramcyzk Hall was the organizer of the book, and much of the information was researched by D. Charles Dixon. The typists were Shanna Yonts and Lanna Dixon. There were others who contributed to this book.

The Old Jenkins School Renovation Committee published a book taken from excerpts from the “Check Board,” a magazine published by Consolidation Coal Company from 1945 to 1952. The magazine wrote items of interest from Consol’s holdings in eastern Kentucky. This anniversary book was published in 2003 to raise money to help save the old Jenkins High School.

In 2012, a book was published for the Jenkins Centennial 1912 – 2012. The Jenkins Centennial Committee, who compiled this book, were Nagatha Anderson, Patricia Baker, Donna Boggs, Loretta Gallion, Peggy Greer, Joan Mullins, Kenny Mullins and Eileen Sanders.

The fourth book was compiled and written by D. Charles Dixon, with wonderful help from Gary Jessey and Eileen Sanders. There was a five-volume book collection published called, “A Pictorial and Written History of the Dixons.” The second volume of the five is about Jenkins/McRoberts.

The fifth book written by D. Charles Dixon consists of two volumes. The title was “Den and Pel: Two Lives Well Lived.” The second volume is about the Dixons when they lived in Jenkins/McRoberts. Gary Jessey compiled and typed the books and Kathy Hughes did corrections and editing.

D. Charles Dixon has been collecting material about Consol and the history of Jenkins/McRoberts for many years. He would like to write a more historical perspective of the history of Jenkins/McRoberts and include personal stories of many of the past residents, relatives, etc. and to also take a look at present day Jenkins and the many changes that have occurred, especially since the middle 1980’s to the present.

D. Charles Dixon is asking people who have lived in Jenkins/McRoberts, past and present, to write down their memories, including but not limited to the following: schools, band, sports, coaches, churches, jobs, families, stories of mining, U.M.W.A., recreation, businesses, awards, disasters, murders, famous people (good or bad), clubs, politics, mayors, city council, police, police judges, first impressions of Jenkins/McRoberts, ministers, hospitals, Consolidation Coal Company, Beth-Elkhorn Corporation, slate dump, strip mining, home improvements after Consol got out of the housing business, entertainment, blacks involvement in the community, Dunham High School, and railroads.

Any pictures on the various subjects will be appreciated. Please label dates, years, where pictures were taken, and at what event they were taken. All pictures will be returned. If possible, copies of the pictures would be appreciated.

Information can be sent to D. Charles Dixon via the following, mail to: 325 Primrose Ln., Winchester, KY 40391, phone 859-556- 0162, or email mrmayor41@gmail.com.

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