Whitesburg KY

New committee new festival name

To the Editor:

I would like to try to clear-up the confusion about the annual Jenkins festival which has been held in late August for the past 13 years. The festival has a new name and a new committee. The event is now known as the Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival. The event was given a new name by adding the word ‘homecoming’ to encourage our people who have moved away to “come home” and schedule their family reunions and class reunions around our festival. We have members and volunteers who are working at the city park daily to give the facility a makeover. On Thursday, July 26, there were 15 interested citizens working in harmony in the park. When folks come to this year’s festival they will observe a dramatic improvement in the facilities and the atmosphere.

There is a renegade group who insist on calling themselves the Jenkins Days Festival Committee. They have raised money from food sales and beauty contests and will be conducting a talent audition. Reportedly, the group will also produce Jenkins Days in Whitesburg. This group has absolutely no affiliation with the City of Jenkins or the Homecoming Days Festival sponsored by the City of Jenkins.

KED SANDERS, Member Jenkins Homecoming Days Festival Committee

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