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• “Spring-cleaning tip: To wash off houseplants, stick them in the shower. Cover the pot with a plastic grocery bag, run the shower and then wipe the leaves clean. It works for me.” — G.I. in North Carolina

• Got pet hair in the car? No worries. Simply mist the upholstery (not wet), then use a squeegee to remove the hair. When you’re done, go out and get a removable seat protector so Fido won’t ruin your back seats!

• D.D. in Missouri writes: “How to keep your crispy cereal from getting soggy: Put milk in one bowl and the cereal in another bowl. Get a spoonful of milk, then dip it in the cereal.” Or vice versa, my friend.

• “When cracking open an egg, crack closer to the edge of the egg (preserving one large side). The bigger half can be set upright in the egg carton, and filled with dirt and seeds. Spray lightly with water. Place in sunlight. In about two weeks, it should be ready for planting. The eggshells also help with fertilizing.” — C.J. in Idaho

• “ To keep kitties (or kids) from running out your whole roll of toilet paper, squish the cardboard core so that it crimps. It will still roll but not so freely. My cats would get a hold of it and keep pulling it down, but now it is harder and they don’t do that as often, thankfully.” — V.A. in Florida

• Get more juice out of a lemon by rolling it firmly on a countertop before slicing. If the lemon has been refrigerated, put it in the microwave for 10 seconds, roll, then cut. You’ll double your juice.

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