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New prescription — a milkshake

Northeast Ohio

Sure hope everyone is staying cool or as cool as one can. I do believe this has been one of our hottest days so far this year and just heard the weather forecast and it seems we can expect more of the same.

Red and I both had doctor appointments this morning. Our usual driver had to work, but we had a loving, caring substitute. Rick’s wife drove us and I must say she was an excellent choice.

Not much different going on with us, though I did get a new prescription, one I can really tolerate. Want to know what it is? Guess I’ll tell you; it’s a milkshake every day! Doesn’t seem possible, but I just may tire of this and might switch to a sundae or banana split or just a cup of ice cream now and then.

Red talked to Charles yesterday and today. I have talked to Delores, Carleta and our gal Liz, and received letters from Colleen Craft and Glenora Everidge.

I’m really ashamed of me. I feel as though I have let my dear friends down, but honestly, sometimes I get everything together but nothing happens. Forgive me?

Just talked to Jeanie, and they really enjoyed their trip to Atlanta. I know two little boys who have Papaw and Mamaw wrapped around their little fingers.

Course all we who have grandchildren can relate.

Calvin and Mary sold their house in New York and plan to buy one in Atlanta, which will be a much shorter drive for visits.

To the person who wanted the address and phone number of Billy Wayne’s business, it’s: Engle’s, 1717 North Ridge Rd., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 242-0498, or: BillyEngle@aol.com.

He sells new and used work clothes and nurses’ scrubs plus other items. This is not an advertisement, just a way to let people in surrounding cities who get a bit frustrated driving here and there and not finding location. Hope this helps.

Haven’t talked to Jettie for a couple of days, but the last time I did talk to her she seemed to be doing well.

Would like to say hello to all my Sergent and Engle families and wish a happy 16th birthday to Charles and Delores’s granddaughter, Abby Rae, who celebrated June 28. Hope you had a fantastic 16th party.

Sure do wish to see lots of family and friends on Aug. 12 at Hilltop Park in Elyria. Oh yeah, that just happens to be the Engle Sergent picnic. Be looking for you!

Better finish this as sometimes Thursdays at Perkins are slow and Catharine gets off early. I really must finish and fast, as our electricity just went out, too many air conditioners going at once.

Wishing all a great week and one not too hot. Love and prayers to all, see you soon.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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