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New vehicle registration coming here

The new (bottom) and old (top) vehicle registrations are seen above. (Photo by Sally Barto)

The new (bottom) and old (top) vehicle registrations are seen above. (Photo by Sally Barto)

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) employees will install software on computers in the Letcher Clerk’s office on April 28 to implement a new registration system in Letcher County. The new system is expected to be implemented statewide by the end of April.

Boyle, Carroll and Scott counties were the first of the 120 Kentucky counties in March to begin using registration certificates printed on 8-1/2-inch-by-11-inch white paper instead of the smaller, blue certificates.

“It will still have all of the information on it as the old registration had,” said Carla Smith, deputy clerk.

The clerk’s office will no longer have booklets of preprinted, color-coded decals. The new receipt will be printed in the clerk’s office when a customer registers a vehicle. The registration receipt contains a decal, located in the top right corner, that will include the month and year of registration expiration and the vehicle license plate number. The print on demand decals are to be peeled off of the registration receipt and placed on the vehicle license plate.

“It will be black ink on a white decal,” said Smith.

The new certificate includes a bar code to index documents.

“Eventually we will be able to scan those,” said Smith.

Customers are still required to bring proof of insurance and the old registration certificate with them to the clerk’s office when renewing vehicle registration.

“If you don’t have your registration at the time of renewal, there is a $3 charge to print a new one,” said Smith.

For those who don’t bring a registration receipt to the clerk’s office when renewing, clerks ask that customers know their license plate number, title number or vehicle identification number (VIN).

Depending on the type of vehicle being registered the cost varies.

“When you get your registration renewal notice, if it says ‘total due see PVA’ (Property Valuation Administrator), then please go to the PVA’s office or call 633-2182 before coming to the clerk’s office,” said Smith.

Although the clerk’s office is open until noon on Saturdays, the PVA’s office is closed. Smith said if a customer comes in on a Saturday with a renewal notice stating ‘total due see PVA’, the customer will need to either call the PVA’s office or come back to the courthouse on a weekday to find out how much money is owed.

The registration certificate must remain in the vehicle.

“If you get stopped (by police) and don’t have registration, you will get cited,” said Smith.

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