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New year is time for new beginnings

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Happy New Year!

I like the sound of that! The new year is a time for new beginnings. Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Last year I said I would lose some weight. That is one I made and didn’t stick to!

Christmas is a memory now and before we know it will roll around again. Time has passed so fast this year.

My daughter Anna and her husband Scott, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn Nottingham were here for Christmas Eve, then my daughter Angie Wiederhold and my little sidekick Bennie came by for a while also.

Scott really came ready for work. He cleaned off my walk before he ever came in the house. Then he saw parts of my electric fireplace mantle lying to the side of the living room, so he put it together for me which I really appreciate so much. Angie and Sarah helped him by handing him tools and holding a small lamp for him so he could see what he was doing.

Oh the fireplace is so pretty. It looks just like real flames in the back of the logs. The mantle is real wood and has engraving on the front.

It is hard for adult children when parents are divorced and they try to divide their time on holidays between two places. At their dad’s house, I understand that Santa is always there on Christmas Eve. I don’t ask any questions, I am just glad they spend some time with both of us, especially on Christmas Eve.

My little brat Bennie decided he was not going to tell me he loved me, nor was he going to say ho, ho, ho merry Christmas as his mother asked him to do. In fact, he told her he didn’t love me and wasn’t going to say ho, ho merry Christmas. He eventually climbed on my lap and hugged me and kissed me. Yes, he is a brat sometimes.

I gave Anna money several months ago so she could do the Christmas shopping for the girls from me as I never know what to get them. I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do too much shopping as Christmas got closer. Anna is still having a lot of complications with this pregnancy. It may not be too much longer before they induce labor! Her due date is February 10, the baby has gained enough so there shouldn’t be any complications.

It seems like my troubles never end as this is the continuation of this same time last year. My son Keith Ballard is once again in the hospital. He is in the critical care unit as his heart rate is very high.

I finally got around calling my good friend Betty Ison. It seems she and her grandson Tyler really enjoy watching the Kentucky Wildcats games together. Betty told me the sad news of Sara Ison’s husband Clarence dying. Clarence and Doyle Ison are related. My sincere sympathy goes out to the family. Sara has written for The Mountain Eagle for years. I have always enjoyed her contributions in The Eagle.

While talking to Betty, Tyler told her it looked like it was going to rain. As I looked out the window at our house it was coming down in sheets. I called back to tell Betty I thought she was a witch and sent the rain up this way.

It seems as if Betty isn’t the only one who enjoys watching the Kentucky Wildcats with a grandson. Polly Maucher’s grandson called to invite her to come watch the ball game with him.

Frick and Frack Ison, Michael and Doug Ison, along with Michael’s granddaughter, enjoyed a few days in New York with Michael’s daughter and her family. They really did see a lot of sights while there including the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and so many places I have forgotten where their sister Polly Maucher told me.

I do know that Frick and Frack were really dressed for the occasion as they wore their favorite Kentucky Wildcats shirts, and toboggans.

When the plane landed in Indianapolis, Doug asked the steward for a special favor. Doug and Michael were seated in the main back of the plane, so Doug wanted to know if there would be any way they could be the first ones to get off. Doug told him he wanted to get his feet on familiar ground as fast as he could.

Frick and Frack really did have a good time as Michael’s daughter and family did everything to make their visit enjoyable. However Doug said if the trip back cost only $5 he would not go again. I bet one of them said if they did go anywhere there would be different sleeping arrangements as one snored all night.

I think it is wonderful Frick and Frack can get together like this and go places, as Doug lives in Columbus, Ind., and Michael lives on Paices Branch.

While Polly and I were talking, we laughed so hard just imagining what these two do and say when they are together. I really needed a good laugh.

Ann and Johnny Calihan had a nice but rather difficult Christmas as their daughter Teresa’s husband had surgery and wasn’t able to attend the Christmas dinner, then one of their grandsons fell and hurt his leg. Another granddaughter had a very bad virus and couldn’t be at Ann and Johnny’s either.

My brother Robert Hall has been seriously ill, and he is not out of danger yet. I thought about trying to go to Huntington, then decided against it. I haven’t been in the best condition to drive that far by myself not knowing how the weather is.

My brother Richie Hall isn’t doing very well either, and his wife Wanda has caught a virus. I really don’t know how it caught up with her as she is on the go so much. If it wasn’t for worrying, I wouldn’t know what to do.

A friend called and asked me if I was going to the Coon Hunters Club for New Year’s Eve. I wasn’t in any mood for partying. I haven’t been to the Coon Hunters Club for several weeks now, and I miss going. It will just have to wait until later.

Carl Boggs, I will get your book out to you. I am sorry to say I haven’t the strength nor frame of mind to get it mailed. Shelby Bockover, I will get yours out also.

Gwen had some of her family come to visit her, which she always loves. Gwen is very glad to be able to get out of her home since the ice has melted.

Shirley Wells spent the holidays with her family.

As usual, hello to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. Happy birthday to my sister Loretta Church, and belated birthday wishes to our brother Wallace Lee Hall December 20.

I am sorry I didn’t mail any Christmas cards out this year. I hope you will understand the turmoil I have been going through.

I have some things I need to take care of. May everyone have a happy New Year.

Until next time!

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