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New Year’s Eve was very quiet

Southern Ohio

Happy New Year.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. I had a very quiet evening at home, and a hot — well not really hot, but a warm date with my electric blanket.

I even fell asleep before the ball dropped on the television. Not only that, I was a party pooper as I had plans to tell someone happy New Year on the phone. I awoke about 1:30 a.m.

I had to apologize for being a sleepyhead. I have been sick for a couple of months and can’t seem to get strength back.

Actually I made plans to head to the mountains for New Year’s and spend a few extra days, hoping the weather would be nice enough to hitch a ride on the back of Ricky Caudill’s four-wheeler, to no avail.

Saturday afternoon, the weather was warm in the mountains and Ricky did take a ride and visited Valerie Ison and her son Beau Crawford. All had supper on the deck.

It seems Ricky had a very full day as well as a full stomach as his beautiful sister Marcia and Ricky spent the day gallivanting about then stopped for lunch at Pine Mountain Grill.

It is wonderful to know families get together in this day of everyone being so busy with their own lives.

My son Keith Ballard is still with me and though sometimes I miss the privacy of being alone, then there are other times it is good to have him here. It has taken a lot of give and take for both of us; we aren’t used to living with anyone.

The website of Tall Tales and Kentucky Folklore is such a delight to read with all the comments of long ago of the old-time sayings. I can relate to so many things. It is rather ironic how so many were raised in so many different areas with the same kind of teachings and so much in common from picking blackberries to making lye soap.

I had someone to send me a few bars of lye soap. I appreciated his kindness though it wasn’t the lye soap I was expecting. The lye soap that I remember seeing was big, thick chunks, sort of ivory in color, and smelled of lye. It would actually eat the skin of your tender hands while washing clothes with it.

I’ve heard of lye soap being used for bathing and washing your hair, but thank goodness we always had regular soap that we used for bathing and washing our hair with.

Mom or Grandma told me to pour a little vinegar in a glass of warm water to rinse my hair in to make it shine. Rainwater was good to wash your hair in too.

I haven’t talked to anyone the past week so I haven’t any news to write about.

I did talk to Pat Wagner for a little bit, and Les and Pat are a little under the weather.

In my column last week somehow I neglected writing Becky Hasty along with Polly. Larry’s death has left a void in so many people’s lives, including mine.

I hope Doyle and Betty Ison are doing alright.

Well, I am not feeling up to par and I am running behind time.

Until next time.

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