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Nice visit to Big Stone Mountain Park

Hello to all the folks in Mountain Eagle land. Time for me to catch up on all the news. I’m running behind.

Been busy and had lots of company while I was in Florida. I’m at my daughter Beverly’s and her husband Bryan’s home in Atlanta, Ga., right now.

I’m on the way to Ohio. Left Florida April 30 to come here. Beverly came down to Florida to drive me back up here for a few days.

My sister Shirley was in Florida with me until March 26. We had a lot of fun and did go different places with our sister Jean, who lives in Port Charlotte, Fla., during the winter months.

Jean left Florida about the 15th of May for Greenfield, Ind., where she lives. Our brother Douglas and wife Von live in Greenfield, and four of their children live there close by. One son lives in San Francisco, Calif., and a daughter lives in Nancy.

Norma Jean’s son, Billy lives in Sarasota, Fla., and his son Kaleb lives in Port Charlotte. She will miss them in Florida, and all the nice, hot weather, too. We had 90-degree weather for two weeks straight before I left down there.

In March, my son Jimmy and wife Johna, came down to visit me. They arrived the day that Shirley and Beverly left. That was very good.

It really was a great weekend with them. They enjoyed the beach every day. Both got sunburned. They were anxious for me to come home.

I’d been away from them since November. My son Bobby is also missing me. His wife, Pam, just texted me, wishing me a happy Mother’s Day.

My sister-in-law Lena, had a birthday May 7. I also want to mention about my late brother-in-law, Harry Nibert, who died the 21st of May. I know my sister, Nadine, misses him very much. I love you, Nay.


I try to call her often. She lives in Grove City with her son, Bobby Griffith.

On a sad note, Uncle Curt Anderson died recently. He had a birthday Dec. 2, and was 100 years old. God had blessed him with great health and much happiness with all his family and relatives. Many have gone on to be with the Lord.

A great host of family and friends survive him. To all of them, my love and with much sympathy.

His son, Brose, was my brother-in-law. Brose was married to my sister, Shirley, years ago, and they had three children, Brose Terry, Randall and Tammy.

I want them to know how much I love them, and they were so blessed to have known the Papaw Curt Anderson for such a long time. Brose was my husband, Paul Dean Anderson’s, “first cousin.”

We all miss them, but we know our loss is Heaven’s gain. We will meet them again and sit down and rejoice with kinfolk and Jesus.

My grandson Justin and his wife and son were here the 9th to help me and Beverly celebrate Mother’s Day. They live in Wilmington, N.C., and I was so excited to see them.

I went back to North Carolina to spend a few days. His little boy, Justin II, will be 4½ years in June. He plays T-ball and I wanted to go watch him play a couple of games before going back to Ohio.

Beverly and I went shopping in the city of Atlanta. It’s so amazing how big that city is. The stores are two or three blocks from her condo. No driving in all the traffic to get to different stores.

We went to Atlanta Station, and it was like a little city inside of a city. So awesome.

We had also gone to the Big Stone Mountain Park that day, and it’s like a sold rock. We rode to the top of the mountain on the sky ride.

On top is Solid Rock with buildings, shopping stores, restaurants and train rides. From the top you can see Atlanta in the distance. Just another one of God’s great creations.

Shirley, Jean and I are going to Kentucky on Memorial Day. Shirley and I are planning to go to Carr Creek reunion on May 23. We want our sister Reba to come with us.

We usually stay a week at our camp area at Colson. We’re hoping for pretty weather and no rain. We hope to see lots of kinfolk and friends while in Kentucky.

We want to spend time with our brother Joe, and go visit his wife, Mary, in the rehab center, and also spend time with our sister-in-law, Mary (Lester’s widow), who lives in Redfox.

We hope to go shop with her at Hazard and go to the Kentucky Wildcat Store. It’s got so much stuff, and we all love those ‘Cats.’

We’re hoping to see our niece Carolyn and husband Jack. They always come to Kentucky on Memorial Day and we go visit lost of cemeteries. They spend the weekend with us girls at the campground.

See you two there, okay?

Jack and Carolyn’s granddaughter, Lovelle (Lovey), is graduating from high school. Congratulations to her. Gee, time flies. Seems only yesterday she was making mud pies in the creek at the camp area. Love you, Lovey.

Yea! Kelsey Alyea, you’re awesome! We are so proud of you. She’s our great-niece, a daughter of Bryan and Pam Alyea of Crawfordville, Fla. She will be graduated from college on Saturday, 9th, from the Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm, Fla., with a bachelor’s degree of art. Her major was Cinema – Television Production.

Her grandmother, the late Christine Sexton, would have been so proud of her. I’m sure she will be with her always looking down from Heaven, smiling and saying, “That’s my baby.” Love you.

Pam and Bryan surprised her with a great gift, a new car. She was so deserving of it.

Her brother, Leland, and aunt Jean Gibson, will be going with her mother and father to the graduation in West Palm.

So sorry, I had planned on going, but left Florida early.

Beverly got a text from Doug Jr. Gibson. He was in Indiana visiting his brother, Mikey Gibson. He was at the Ball State University where Mike’s son, Mitchell, plays baseball. He is a pitcher, and is really doing great. We are so proud of Mich.

Doug Jr. was also in Florida. We went to three games when Mitchell played down there. His team travels to different states and plays against other baseball college teams.

We are real proud of all of our great-nephews and great-nieces. Mitch has a sister and four brothers. All are into sports, or have been at one time or another.

I’m tell you, we Gibsons are all big time sports-related.

I’ve got to go. I will write again when I get home to Ohio.

God bless everyone, and hi to all my children, grand, great-grands, brothers and sisters. I love you.

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