Whitesburg KY

Nice weather brings return to action

Gabby’s fishing fever

Nice weather has brought the fishing action back to life a lot on most lakes. During all that cold, rainy weather we were having, the fishing action really suffered and became tough. But with air and water temperatures returning to normal or above, the fish like bass, crappie and bluegill will really turn on and start feeding.

This is great news for anglers ready to get back to fishing. I have also had several reports of some good catfish action in some of the pay lakes and rivers in our area. This is typical early to mid spring action. And it can be some of the best action of the year.

Look for signs of activity on the water like minnows or fish breaking the surface or birds feeding around the surface. These are all signs of some type of feeding action.

Try to fish in and around this type of area. Use small, fast-moving baits like surface type baits that spit or chug water when retrieved. Also baits like crank baits and spinners will allow you to cover water fast and find active fish.

This will also let you cull unproductive areas and concentrate on better spots. Make long casts on lighter line and work your bait as far back to the bank or boat as you can. This can be a very rewarding way to fish.

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