Whitesburg KY

Nice weather comes after snow

Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing well.

We are having nice weather for this time of year, and I’m sure we are all pleased with that.

I was sorry I didn’t get to go to the funeral of my friend, Norma Napier. I was snowed in.

I did get to go to my good friend and a member of my church, Anna Lou (Maggard) Combs’s, funeral. She graduated high school with my so, Rob Hatton and my brother Hillard Howard.

She died after a long illness and will surely be remembered. The great big number of people there showed how much she was loved. She was such a good person, and to know her was to love her.

My sympathy goes out to all her family.

My son Billy Hatton and wife Sandra visited with me last week and brought me a good dinner from Pine Mountain Grill. They knew that was my favorite. They brought salmon patties, soup beans, mustard greens and cornbread. Yum, yum! It sure was good. They have that on every Wednesday. Try it!

A big hello to my little brother, Hillard Howard, and his wife, Marsha, in Florida. Our weather here might be as good as yours there. Whitesburg

We had another funeral, Vernon Bailey. We sure offer our sympathy to his family. Some of them go to our church, Shirley Cook and Ivalee Collins and their family. They are real good friends.

Hello, Rose Ballard and Emma Lou Engle. Don’t be putting yourself down, I still see you with your beautiful white hair and navy blue suit and looking like a model. So there!

I visited with Aggie and Charlie Hatton. Even their dogs like me, and I like them too. They always come and sit on my lap. Aggie seems to be doing better. I want her to come back to church. She always sits next to me, and no one sits there now. They are leaving it for her.

My great-granddaughter had her 12th birthday recently, Brooke Hatton, a daughter of Sara and Chris Hatton. She had a sleepover with a bunch of friends, and I’m sure they enjoyed it.

Her dad Chris and his son Beau camped out in my trailer to be out of their way and to have some time together. They enjoyed that.

It seems like the only way I’ve been seeing friends is at funerals. I told them we hoped to stop meeting that way. It’s sad, but we need to pay our respects and our love for them.

I went to the funeral home for Vernon Bailey. There was about the biggest crowd I had ever seen there. I’m sure it made the family feel good. It was good seeing everyone.

It was good to see Bobby Jean Collins and finding out how all the Collins people are. She tries to keep up with all of them.

She told me how her sister-in-law, Joanne (Dixon) Frazier and her family were doing. Joanne and I started first grade at Blackey School. I ain’t saying what year that was, or folks will think we are old, and we are not.

I hope there aren’t any funerals to write about next week. We need some good news. If you have any, let me know.

I hope the weather stays good like this for a while.

May God bless all of you, and try to be in church somewhere this week.

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