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Mostly clear

Nice weather makes for better moods


Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week. At least the weather has been nicer. That might have put everyone in a better mood.

It has been a rocky week for me. Lots of persecution and feeling useless, but I have decided come what may, I am going to serve the Lord anyway. The same people were critical of my writing for The Mountain Eagle. I told them if they don’t want to read it, don’t buy it. The article never even pertains to them. Maybe that is the problem. Big Cowan

I thought about giving up writing, but it is something I enjoy and other people enjoy. So why give it up for three or four people? They need to grow up and get a life, not worry about what I do or don’t do. I forgive them for what they do to me, but it will be hard to forget. Oh well, water under the bridge.

Birthdays for this month are: Aiden Jaylynn Nicole Fields, one-year-old daughter of Miranda Bailey and Terry Fields Jr., granddaughter of Terry and Marcella Fields. My husband James Field will be 64 on Feb. 14 and is also my favorite Valentine. Greg Dollarhyde, Feb. 14, son of Pammie and Marvin Taylor Jr. and Broy Dollarhyde, grandson of Judy and Astor Fields Jr. and Letha Dollarhyde, also happy Valentine’s day to you. Leroy Fields, Feb. 17, married to Joann (Ison) Fields. He is a preacher at Johnsons Fork. My dad Jasper Fields would have been 93 on Feb. 22. Still miss you, Dad, love ya, “Go Rest High on That Mountain”. The song makes me think of you. You have been gone 23 years, gone from this earth but not from our hearts. Loreva Fields, Feb. 22. She was married to my late uncle Ray Fields. Debbie Eldridge, Feb. 28, married to Roger Eldridge.

Hope all of you enjoy your day!

Pray list for the week: James and Christine Fields, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Mary Lou Fields, Lovell Sturgill, Allen Pack, Tim Amburgey, Thula Ison, Archie and Margaret Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Della and Morris Maggard, Carl and Pat Mullins, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Brack Sexton, Hazel Rayburn, Mike Rayburn, Astor Jr. and Judy Fields, Arlene and Marvin Taylor, Odessa and Rueben Lewis, Melinda Daniel, Mike Fields, Hager Trent and Amber Trent, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Bill and Agnes Maggard, Arthur Pendleton, Shelby Bockover, Carl and Kendall Ison, and the Creda Isaacs family.

You know we are judged by people every day and they don’t know our hearts and minds and see us when we pray and ask forgiveness. I am so glad that God is the only one that can judge us in the end and decide where we are going. So, people, swallow your pride and don’t be afraid to be human. Let your light shine for the world to see. We are not perfect, just forgiven. Love ya all.

You know, it’s bad enough when you have other people against you, it’s even worse when you have families at war with one another. They get upset with family members that are not even involved. I know right is right and wrong is wrong, but why can’t they all get along? Life is too short to be in trouble and turmoil all the time. A person thinks when they get old enough to retire they can sit back and enjoy life, but so many people keep you upset for no reason except for standing for what’s right. What happened to family values and where blood is thicker than water? I guess I was raised differently than some of the younger generation because they want what they want and they don’t care who they step over to get it.

People, you are not going to take anything with you. If it’s yours, keep it. If it belongs to someone else, don’t try to take it. Seems like people are out for blood like the Hatfi elds and McCoys. Just love one another and forgive one another. No everyone is right and not everyone is wrong.

Seems like when people come to visit they are treated OK, but when you move down here they act like you are on their territory and don’t want anything to do with you. The sad part is most of them moved back here years ago and they weren’t treated bad!

All that was said for people in general, not any family in particular. Just my observation of how some people are. No one is better than the other and we were all created by God.

I do not uphold for someone doing wrong and I guess that is why people don’t always like me, but I am not the one they have to answer to. I love all my family, just don’t like their way of doing some things as well as they don’t like my ways, but everyone needs to love one another.

Well, so long for now. Be good to someone. Attend the church of your choice. Be prayerful and I promise you will not be sorry in the end.

Until next week.

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